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[PDF] The Fall by Albert Camus


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Book Identity:

Title: The Fall

Author: Albert Camus

Series: N/A

Periodical: N/A

Publisher: Vintage

City: N/A

Year: 1991

Edition: N/A

Language: English

Pages: 160 (biblio) / 15 (tech)

ISBN: 0679720227, 9780679720225

ID: 449297

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Time modified: 2019-12-21 21:23:21

Library: N/A

Library issue: до 2011-01

Size: 188 kB (193008 bytes)

Extension: pdf

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Commentary: N/A

Book Synopsis:

The Fall is a novel written by Albert Camus, first published in French in 1956. It is a philosophical novel that explores themes of guilt, responsibility, and the human condition. The story is narrated by Jean-Baptiste Clamence, a former successful Parisian lawyer, who reflects on his life and the moral and existential crisis that led him to his current isolated state. The novel is considered one of Camus' most important works and is regarded as a classic of 20th century literature.

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